Our full service Christian child care center offers an array of programs and services to develop your child. We continue to improve by reflecting the latest knowledge and best practices in the field of early child care and education. 

The latest medical and educational research tells us that we are born with all the brain cells we will ever have, but the brain must build the circuitry to make future learning possible. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this research for us parents and early educational professionals is this: most of the brain's circuitry will be fully developed before a child begins his or her formal education at age six. Sprouts recognizes and respects how important your child's early years are to a successful future.


Infant Programs

Our infant educators know that more than anything else, your little one needs to be loved. We understand how difficult it is  for you to entrust your baby to anyone else and our teachers make it a priority to build a strong relationships with you as well as your child.  We understand each parents desire for their infant to have specific dietary needs and work with every family to conform to their desired schedule.

At the end of each day you will receive an infant care form detailing every aspect of your child's day.



You probably already know that your toddlers is a little explorer! Our educators understand this little active learner, and will design lesson plans with learning experiences that foster their skills in all areas of growth and development, language and literacy, intellectual, physical and social/emotional development.

Warm, nurturing interactions with your toddler are essential to a healthy self-esteem and to gaining the confidence to try new things. We talk to your child on their eye level, hug them, read to them, and understand your child's love of repetition.

Your toddler's caregiver will share their day with you, both verbally and on their Toddlers Daily Report, where she records what they ate, when they slept, and what activities they enjoyed that day. We are always available to talk with you about your toddler's experience at Sprouts.


Two-Year Olds

Your two year old is showing a strong desire to do things independently. They help dress themselves, feed themselves, and want to help you at home. They are becoming more social and enjoy playing with other children. Each of our educators understands your child's emerging independence.  We work in both small groups and individual activities to foster their skills  and interactions.  Our two-year old programs focus on  language, literacy, and physical and social/emotional development.

Sprouts uses a High Reach Learning curriculum and offers activities based on your child's developmental milestone checklist. Your child will enjoy reading books, working on puzzles, and building structures with blocks. They will explore textures and learn math concepts with water and sand in Sensory Play. Working in Home Center and stations provides them the opportunity for pretend play, to practice language skills, and to understand their feelings and those of others.

Your child's educator will share their day with you in complete detail, how they slept, what they ate, and how they interacted with friends. We are always available to talk with you about your child's experience at Sprouts and what we can do to help grow your child.



The latest brain research tells us that before the age of six, children learn best through concrete experiences. Our 3 to 5 year olds explore their work through senses: touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smells. Your child's educator understands this stage of development and provides learning activities that are challenging but not overwhelming. Our Mother Goose Time is a literacy-based curriculum that provides inviting experiences related to great children's books. Your child's educator offers additional activities to meet their individual needs as shown on their developmental milestone checklist to foster their skills in all areas of growth and development, language and literacy, and intellectual, physical, and social/emotional development.

Your preschooler will flourish as we introduce significant structure in a well-organized, clearly defined environment at Sprouts. Preschool classrooms are arranged into learning centers that promote independence, foster creative thinking, and encourage initiative.


School Age

Our Center provides before and after school care during the school year. Our goal for school-age children is to enhance and enrich their school day rather than replicate it. We offer experiences through hands-on curriculum and encourage children to take part in planning their own activities. Your School-age child will find a neighborhood environment where they can talk with friends, read a good book, and play cooperate games.  Your child's educator is always available to talk about your child's experience or work individually to enhance their educational experience.


Summer Programs

Adventure Summer Camp is an action packed program where kids can safely enjoy their summer vacation.  Summer Camp provides an outlet for you kids to take daily field trips, enjoy weekly themed activities, and experience the joy of summer with their friends.  

Sprouts will provide the environment for you kids to remain active all summer long.